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Disaster Capitalism in Action: contractors

Blackwater Donates Tent City for California Wildfire Victims

Mark Sauer and Janine Zúñiga, San Diego Union Tribune, November 1, 2007

"A tent city is set to spring from the ashes near Barrett Junction as wildfire-weary residents in the rugged community near the Mexico border have been told they will be without water and electricity for another 10 days. Trucks carrying makeshift quarters for up to 200 people, with tents, cots, toilets, showers, power generators, laundry facilities and a community room with TV, are scheduled to arrive today. The tent city, a donation from the controversial private-military company Blackwater Worldwide (formerly USA), is expected to be constructed tomorrow with equipment and materials coming from the firm's North Carolina headquarters."

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* "Blackwater's Relief Effort Wins Praise of Project Foe," San Diego Union Tribune, October 30, 2007

US-Based Aramark Builds McDonald's Inside Tent Camps for Peruvian Earthquake Refugees

Lucien Chauvin, Washington Post, August 26, 2007

"Each tent camp is like a small United Nations of aid and supplies. The Angulos' camp includes tents from Italy, a water system from Spain, and supplies from Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. A Peruvian religious congregation and a U.S. mining company co-manage the camp with Aramark....

"Aramark was installing a satellite dish and computers this week to provide residents with Internet access. There have also been hamburgers and Happy Meals from McDonald's, which has set up temporary operations in Pisco, a city without fast-food chains."

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