The Shock Doctrine

Primary Documents / Chapter Resources

The process of researching The Shock Doctrine was so fascinating and revelatory that I was left with a strong desire to share as much of my own discovery experience as possible -- to steer readers to the books, essays, documentary films and primary documents that did so much to shape The Shock Doctrine. In that spirit, is designed to serve as a living companion to the book for readers -- particularly students and educators -- who want to delve deeper into the book's material and themes, and who want to see the evidence for themselves.

Part One. Two Doctor Shocks: Research and Development
Chapter 1. The Torture Lab: Ewen Cameron, the CIA and the Maniacal Quest to Erase and Remake the Human Mind

Chapter 2. The Other Doctor Shock: Milton Friedman and the Search for a Laissez-Faire Laboratory

Part Two. The First Test: Birth Pangs
Chapter 3. States of Shock: The Bloody Birth of the Counter-Revolution

Chapter 4. Cleaning the Slate: Terror Does Its Work

Chapter 5. "Entirely Unrelated": How an Ideology Was Cleansed of Its Crimes

Part Three. Surviving Democracy: Bombs Made of Laws
Chapter 6. Saved by a War: Thatcherism and Its Useful Enemies

Chapter 7. Chapter The New Doctor Shock: Economic Warfare Replaces Dictatorship

Chapter 8. Crisis Works: The Packaging of Shock Therapy

Part Four. Lost in Translation: While We Wept, While We Trembled, While We Danced
Chapter 9. Slamming the Door on History: A Crisis in Poland, a Massacre in China

Chapter 10. Chapter Democracy Born in Chains: South Africa's Constricted Freedom

Chapter 11. Bonfire of a Young Democracy: Russia Chooses "the Pinochet Option"

Chapter 12. The Capitalist Id: Russia and the New Era of the Boor Market

Chapter 13. Let It Burn: The Looting of Asia and "the Fall of a Second Berlin Wall"

Part Five. Shocking Times: The Rise of the Disaster Capitalism Complex
Chapter 14. Shock Therapy in the U.S.A.: The Homeland Security Bubble

Chapter 15. A Corporatist State: Removing the Revolving Door, Putting in an Archway

Part Six. Iraq, Full Circle: Overshock
Chapter 16. Erasing Iraq: In Search of a "Model" for the Middle East

Chapter 17. Ideological Blowback: A Very Capitalist Disaster

Chapter 18. Full Circle: From Blank Slate to Scorched Earth

Part Seven. The Movable Green Zone: Buffer Zones and Blast Walls
Chapter 19. Blanking the Beach: "The Second Tsunami"

Chapter 20. Disaster Apartheid: A World of Green Zones and Red Zones

Chapter 21. Losing the Peace Incentive: Israel as Warning

Chapter 22. Shock Wears Off: The Rise of People's Reconstruction
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