The Shock Doctrine

Conclusion: Shock Wears Off


Memo from Henry Kissinger to President Nixon, November 1970
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger asserts that the election of Salvador Allende is "one of the most challenges ever faced in this hemisphere" and writes that the "example of a successful elected Marxist government in Chile would surely have an impact on— and even precedent value for—other parts of the world, especially in Italy; the imitative spread of similar phenomena elsewhere would in turn significantly affect the world balance and our own position in it.”
New Orleans Community Leaders Attend Reconstruction Seminar in Thailand, November 2006
The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights gathered 10 community leaders from New Orleans, 157 community leaders from 9 Asian countries, and representatives from the UN, the Thai government and Thai NGOs to discuss sustainable, community-based disaster recovery efforts. Inspirational reading.
New Orleans Residents Tour Asian Tsunami Areas, September 2006
Five New Orleans activists discussed community-based reconstruction with tsunami survivors in Thailand and Aceh. This inspirational document contains fantastic photos and notes from the international exchange.
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