The Shock Doctrine

Part 4, Chapter 10: Democracy Born in Chains


Transforming Kliptown into a Tourist Destination
This brochure describes how Kliptown, the birthplace of the Freedom Charter was drafted in 1955 and where ANC members called for wealth redistribution, is to be remade into a “world-class tourist destination” by the provincial government agency, Blue IQ.
“Finding the Holy Grail? Making Poverty History in the 21st Century,” 2005
Scholar Ashwin Desai critiques various proposals implemented by the government and by lending institutions to reduce poverty in South Africa.
Summary of Key Findings from the National Evictions Survey, 2005
This report offers staggering data on the prevalence of evictions in South Africa, including the fact that nearly a million South Africans were evicted from farms between 1994 and 2004.
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