The Shock Doctrine

Part 4, Chapter 13: Let It Burn


The largest cross border mergers and acquisitions from July 1997-March 1999
This detailed chart documents 186 of the largest cross border mergers and acquisitions in Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines between July 1997 and March 199. The chart appears in the book Business Restructuring in Asia: Cross-Border M&As in the Crisis Period by James Xiaoning and Terutomo Ozawa, published by Copenhagen Business Press in 2001.
"The IMF and Recent Capital Account Crises: Indonesia, Korea, Brazil,” 2003
The IMF’s own internal report, released in 2003, that concluded the IMF’s approach during the Asian economic crisis was “ill-advised.” The report also stated that the IMF’s reform program in Korea was “broader than seemed necessary.
“The IMF and the Indonesian Crisis,” 2004
An audit by the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office criticizes the institution’s handling of the Asian crisis.
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