The Shock Doctrine

Part 6, Chapter 17: Ideological Blowback


"Rising to the Humanitarian Challenge in Iraq," July 2007
This detailed report by Oxfam International and the National Coordination Committee in Iraq provides a deeply disturbing picture of Iraqi life. The study states 43% of Iraqis live in “absolute poverty.” Other troubling facts in the report: 70% of Iraqis lack access to an adequate water supply, 80% of Iraqis do not have effective sanitation, and Iraq is experiencing a serious brain drain in which 40% of professionals have fled the country.
Coalition Provisional Authority, Order 37: Tax Strategy for 2003
Paul Bremer, the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, signed this order that instituted a 15% flat tax for individuals and corporations in Iraq.
Coalition Provisional Authority, Order 39: Foreign Investment
This destructive CPA order permitted foreign firms to own 100 percent of Iraqi assets, allowed investors to take 100 percent of the profits they made in Iraq out of the country without being taxed.
BearingPoint’s USAID Contract, July 2003
Consulting firm BearingPoint received this $240 million contract to create a “market-driven system” in Iraq. The contract mentions the word “privatization” 51 times! Interestingly, BearingPoint helped write the original contract.

Blood Money
Blood Money
By T. Christian Miller

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