The Shock Doctrine

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Get Involved

Engage in the struggle against the global shock doctors and disaster capitalists. Please note that this list is not comprehensive -- there are hundreds of fantastic grassroots and national organizations fighting for social and economic justice around the world. We chose groups that helped us with the research for The Shock Doctrine but it's just a start. Find a community organization in your area, grab your friends and neighbors, and get involved!

Featured Activist Campaign
ActionAid's latest campaign about the global food crisis.

End Hunger Now

International Human Rights
Center for Constitutional Rights
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International

Global Economic Justice
50 Years is Enough
Council of Canadians
Bilaterals and Fighting FTAs
Tourism Concern
Transnational Institute
Focus on the Global South
Public Citizen

Hands Off Iraqi Oil

Gulf Coast
Common Ground Collective
Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch
New Orleans Worker Justice Coalition
Justice for New Orleans
People’s Organizing Committee

Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR)
East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

Latin America
Asociación Madres de la Plaza de Mayo (in Spanish)
Madres de la Plaza de Mayo – Línea Fundadora (in Spanish)

South Africa
Alternative Information and Development Centre

Civil Liberties in the United States
American Civil Liberties Union
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Center for Constitutional Rights

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