The Shock Doctrine

Part 2, Chapter 3: States of Shock


Milton Friedman's Letter to General Augusto Pinochet, April 21, 1975
In his extraordinary letter, Milton Friedman outlines a detailed economic program for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and coins it "shock treatment." This letter was first published in Friedman's memoirs, Two Lucky People.
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his Staff Discuss the Argentine Coup, March 26, 1976
William Rogers, Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America, says to Kissinger two days after the Argentine coup, “we’ve got to expect a fair amount of repression, probably a good deal of blood, in Argentina before too long. I think they’re going to have to come down very hard not only on the terrorists but on the dissidents of trade unions and their parties.”
Conversation between Henry Kissinger and Argentine Admiral César Guzzetti, October 1976
During this meeting in 1976, U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger told the Argentine Foreign Minister, “I have an old-fashioned view that friends ought to be supported. What is not understood in the United States is that you have a civil war. We read about human rights problems but not the context. The quicker you succeed the better.”
André Gunder Frank’s open letters to Arnold Harberger and Milton Friedman
Link to the first letter
Link to the second letter
Respected economist André Gunder Frank breaks with his Chicago school training to challenge Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger on the economic misery endured by the Chilean people.
“The Uses of Chile: How Politics Trumped Truth in the Neo-Liberal Revision of Chile’s Development,” September 2006
The watchdog group Public Citizen challenges the myth of the “Chilean Miracle,” arguing that neoliberal reforms damaged, rather than helped, the Chilean economy. The report attributes areas of economic success to departures from the neoliberal model.


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