The Shock Doctrine

Corrections / Clarifications

The Shock Doctrine contains tens of thousands of facts and figures and we are committed to their accuracy. If errors are discovered, they are corrected immediately in all future editions. If you believe you have discovered an error in The Shock Doctrine, please send the relevant information to this address: Please note that the error may already have been caught and corrected.


Chapter 9 states that 40 percent of Polish young workers were unemployed in 2006, when in fact, the year was 2005. All subsequent editions of The Shock Doctrine have corrected this fact.

Chapter 15 of The Shock Doctrine explores Vice President Dick Cheney’s complex financial links to the corporation Halliburton, including his widely reported decision to hold on to a significant number of Halliburton stocks while vice president. The chapter states that Cheney stood to personally profit if Halliburton’s stock value increased based on decisions made by the U.S. government, a conflict of interest reported in numerous news outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. Since publication, it has come to our attention that Vice President Cheney responded to the controversy by arranging to donate the profits from his Halliburton stocks to charity, a fact missed in the original reporting. Naomi Klein regrets this error and has corrected it in all subsequent editions of The Shock Doctrine.
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