The Shock Doctrine


This resources section is intended to serve as a companion to The Shock Doctrine. It offers a full bibliography and filmography as well as declassified CIA reports, dozens of historical documents, and links to terrific online material, much of it organized by chapter so they can serve as supplementary readings. We all hope you find this to be a useful tool for your studies and research and welcome your feedback. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, with new material going up regularly.

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Primary Documents and Chapter Resources
Read the original documents that support The Shock Doctrine. Among the myriad resources, you'll find declassified government files, historical letters, news articles, NGO reports, and suggested books and films.

Naomi's Articles Related to The Shock Doctrine
Read all of Naomi's articles related to The Shock Doctrine since 2005.

Bibliography and Filmography
See the book's complete bibliography and filmography.

Corrections / Clarifications
Since the publication of The Shock Doctrine in September 2007, some new facts have come to our attention.

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